VIDEO: Basics of Evaporator Coil Leak Detection

In this video we review the basic steps to find a leak in an evaporator coil. We discuss isolation, electronic sniffers, bubbles, and dye. For more info check out our site

The evaporator coil we use in this video was removed from a customer’s system due to a leak. Fortunately we were able to find the leak quickly, unfortunately it was at the base of the elbow in the rust, which made it unfixable.

What we show you in this video is how we find leaks by isolating the coil, pressurizing with some refrigerant and nitrogen. The purpose of the refrigerant is to make sure our sniffer can detect the leak, and the nitrogen creates the pressure to duplicate the leak as if the system was running.

Once we have identified the general are of the leak with our electronic leak detector (sniffer) we then spray bubbles in the area to find the exact location of the leak.

Once we identify the exact location of the leak in the evaporator coil we then determine if the leak can be fixed, and if so, what it will require. Will we need to pull the coil from the system to repair it, or will we be able to repair it in place?

Watch the video to see all this in action. Or you can watch the video directly on youtube here.