Tune-Ups for Toys


Our goal is to help meet two very important needs in the Fort Worth area:

  1. A memorable Christmas for children and parents who are struggling.
  2. Keeping every household warm and safe over the holiday season.
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Between October 15th and December 10th if you donate one, new, unwrapped toy in its original packaging ($20 value or more) we will happily give you a free heater check.

  1. Call us or click the ” BOOK NOW” button to schedule your free heater tune-up.
  2. Give a toy to the tech when they come to do your heater tune up.
  3. Your heater is tuned up and ready for the Holidays, your toy is delivered to Marine Corp “Toys for Tots” program on December 10th so the toys will be there waiting for the kids on Christmas morning.You can also donate a toy on behalf of someone else that you would like us to do a heater check for. Give us the toy, and their information, and we will reach out to set up their free heater check on your behalf.” along with the attached bow graphic of a bow, left justified next to the text. Make sure the bow remains left justified on mobile.

Here’s A Summary of Our Heater Tune-up

  1. Inspect heater and clean and sanitize blower wheel and blower compartment “in place”
  2. Check filters and confirm adequate airflow, test temperature rise, and make adjustments as needed
  3. Test and confirm operation of all internal safety systems intended to prevent catastrophic failure
  4. Check all electrical connections, amp out all major components, test capacitors, relays, and sequencers as necessary to confirm that they operate within manufacturer’s recommended specifications
  5. Confirm that the heater meets all local code requirements so as not to damage itself or your home
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1. Heating Equipment is the Leading Cause of House Fires in the US

Many of these fires start from external heating devices such as space heaters. But 12% of the fires are started in central air heating sources. Accumulation of dirt, insufficient lubrication, voltage issues, and loose wire connections all pose a potential fire danger. All of these can be easily identified with a simple annual heater check up.

2. Heating Bills Are Projected to Jump As Much As 54% This Winter

No one likes abnormally high energy bills, especially during the holidays. Fine-tuning your heater to keep it operating at peak efficiency can help reduce that burden and keep you focused on what’s most important during this holiday season.

3. Air Pollutants Are 2 to 5 times Greater Indoors

With so much time spent indoors over the winter months, you want to be sure your heater and filters are clean and regulating the temperature and humidity correctly, while reducing pollutants and allergens.

You can take a look at our full Heater Tune-up checklist that we perform on every Tune-up here:

 Heater Tune-up Sheet

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Prestige Air is proud to be a veteran- and first responder-owned air conditioning and heating company, and is committed to giving back to our local community. We live here and serve here on a daily basis and are constantly looking for ways we can give back. 

If you share our passion for serving local families this holiday season and see the value in having your heater checked,  please give us a call at (817) 200-7215 to schedule your appointment for a free heater check and help us give back to those in need. 

We wish you all happy holidays and a Merry Christmas.

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