Testing Your Total External Static Pressure (Video)

Total External Static Pressure

In this video I walk you through one of the tests we do on every service call (as a part of our service checklist) and on every maintenance, testing your total external static pressure.

Total external static pressure (TESP) is much like the blood pressure in your body. Airflow circulation is like the blood circulation in your body, and external static pressure is how well the air is moving. If your blood pressure is too high, that causes problems, if it is too low, that causes other problems. The same is true for your total external static pressure (TESP) in your heater or air conditioner.

TESP gives us important data when diagnosing or servicing your system. It can tell us if you have obstructed ducts, clogged coils, air leaks on the return or supply side, and much, much more.

Watch the video below to see how we do it.

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