Heater Parts Replacement

Heater Parts Replacement

Expert Heating Technicians a Phone Call Away

Every year, millions of Americans rely on their HVAC systems to heat their home. We put so much time, money, and effort into maintaining our properties, that we expect things to work when we need them to. When things get cold, you expect that your heating system will work and provide you with the warmth you and your family needs. At Prestige Air, we’re committed to providing homeowners around ​the area with the best heating repair, installation, and maintenance at great prices. We offer the best in quality and service for all heater parts replacement in Fort Worth, TX. On every call, it’s our mission to make the right repair that will keep your heater working better for longer. Our technicians have years of experience working with all types of heaters, and we’re confident we can get the job done.

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Comprehensive Heater Parts Replacement 

We’re proud to offer our community a full suite of heater repair and replacement services to cover any outage or issue you’re having with your HVAC system. One of the benefits of working with a full-service contractor is that you don’t have to wait a long time for parts to come in or repairs to be completed. We carry a large inventory of heater parts to cover every type of repair, and our technicians are equipped each day to handle all but the most complex repairs on the spot. Here are some of the most common heater parts replacement projects we handle.

  • HVAC Thermostat Repair, Replace, & Upgrade – Your thermostat controls how hard your heater works to regulate indoor temperatures. Whether you need a repair on a broken thermostat or want to upgrade to a modern thermostat that integrates with your phone, we can handle all aspects of your repair or replacement.
  • Heat Pump Repair / Replacement – Your heat pump keeps your heating flowing at a steady pace. A broken or faulty pump can completely disable your heating system and needs immediate attention.
  • HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement – Your inducer should run anytime your thermostat tells your heating system to start working. The inducer manages draft inside your heating system, and a working inducer is critical to a good heating system. 
  • HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement – Modern heaters use igniters to spark the heating system as opposed to older, more traditional models that use pilot lits. The igniter needs to work well to start the chain that results in hot air circulation. 
  • HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement – Your pressure switch protects your heating system from adverse conditions that could be dangerous or cause damage to your home. 
  • Gas Valve Replacement – We take making sure your gas valves are in good condition and are securely fastened very seriously. Gas valves can erode over time and need to be replaced to keep your HVAC system safe. 
  • Heat Exchanger Replacement – Heat exchangers transfer heat from one medium to another. They keep your heating system working efficiently to keep utility costs down and produce more hot air faster. 
  • Circuit Control Board Replacement – A circuit control board manages the electrical load in a heating system. These control boards need to be maintained to keep the entire system working. 
  • HVAC Relay Replacement – Relays signal when different components in your heating system like your blower or fans should turn on and off. 
  • ECM Motors Replacement – ECM motors allow you to alter the speed and power of your heating system. 
  • Hard Start Kits Replacement – A hard start kit is like a backup starter for when your heating system is having difficulty turning on. Having a hard start kit in good condition can give you peace of mind knowing your system has a backup plan. 
  • Heater Capacitors Replacement – Capacitors provide a steady stream of electricity to fans, blowers, and other components of your heating system to make sure they always have sufficient power. Without working capacitors, your system can become volatile. 

As you can see, Prestige Air offers homeowners the full spectrum of heater parts replacement in ​Fort Worth, TX along with many other services. If you notice anything unusual with your heating system, call us today at (817) 200-7215. We’ll get a team out to you as soon as possible to diagnose what’s happening and design a custom repair or replacement for your home. We’d love to start helping you have a safe and comfortable home.