Heat Pump Installation

A Heat Pump Outside of a Home.

Alternative Heating and Cooling Source

Saving money on energy expenses is always important, and one way to save is by installing a more energy efficient HVAC system. There are plenty of energy efficient systems on the market today, and heat pumps are one alternative available. If you want to install an energy-efficient heat pump in Fort Worth, TX, look to the experts at Prestige Air. We are a full-service HVAC company offering a wide range of heating and cooling options. Learn more about heat pump installation or book an appointment with us by calling (817) 200-7215.

How Heat Pumps Benefit You

Heat pumps replace traditional air conditioning and furnace systems and require much less energy than those systems. With a heat pump installed in your Fort Worth, TX home, you’ll find you’ll be saving in no time, as these systems use only about one-quarter of the energy of other systems. You can also trust Prestige Air’s experienced professionals to respond to your service call promptly and install your new system properly.

Heat pumps save you money because they operate differently from regular air conditioners or heaters. Instead of generating heat, they move heat from a cool space to a warm space when it’s cold outside to heat your home. When it’s hot inside, they move the heat from inside the house to the outside, cooling your home. Three different types of heat pumps are available: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. Depending on the type of system installed, heat is collected from either the air, water, or ground, and concentrated for use. Air-source heat pumps are the most commonly used. If you have air ducts installed, we can install a heat pump that fits with your ducts, or we can install a mini-split heat pump if you don’t have air ducts in your home.

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If you want a highly energy-efficient HVAC system for your Fort Worth, TX home, you’ll want to consider a heat pump. These systems are almost guaranteed to save you in energy expenses. The team at Prestige Air is ready to help you save money. Find out more or book a service appointment by calling (817) 200-7215