Mini-Split Repair or Replacement

A Technician Adjusts a Mini-Split AC.

Efficient AC System

If you need a new air conditioning system and you’re looking for an efficient alternative to central air and heating, you might want to consider a ductless mini-split system. These systems use much less energy than central systems and are much easier to install. Among the many services that Prestige Air provides is mini-split air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX. You can learn more about these systems by calling us at (817) 200-7215.

Why You’ll Benefit From Mini-Split Air Conditioning

It’s hard to find a more efficient air conditioning system than a ductless mini-split. Some of these systems earn a SEER rating of 30, one of the highest energy efficiency ratings an HVAC system receives. This means you’ll be saving plenty of money on utility expenses when you have Prestige Air provide mini-split installation in Fort Worth, TX. These systems are also excellent to supplement your present system, especially if you’ve recently remodeled or renovated addition to your home. Mini-splits can also be used in commercial HVAC applications.

Mini-split systems work similarly to central air conditioning but need no ductwork so they are easy to install. Installation does have its drawback: Several indoor units are required to cool your whole home, which could lead to more installation expenses. Costs, however, are often offset because utility companies frequently offer installation rebates because they are so efficient. They also can be set at variable speeds, rather than the one or two speeds available for central air, which just saves you more money on energy expenses. Moreover, indoor units are individually zoned, so you only need to cool rooms that you want to be cooled. They are also easy to repair and when you need mini-split repair, you can always rely on our skilled professionals.

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